Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal Blog from Ian C- Basketball Life: B Better U

This is a blog shared from student-athlete Ian Corella from Simpson University. He wrote a blog on BBU because he will be volunteering in our organization in various parts of our programs to complete his hours for his Ministry Practicum class. We are honored and pleased to have such an awesome young man be apart of BBU. He is now a new BBU Life Changer and Eagle that we look forward to working with and him serving to others through our programs. Thank you Ian for taking the time to share your blog with us!

Friday, October 11, 2013

 B Better U

At Simpson University, all students are required to do a certain amount of service hours before they can graduate. The school turned this service into a class format to help students fulfill their duties. This class is called Ministry Practicum.

 I decided to do my Ministry Practicum through an organization called 
B Better UThis organization was started by Simpson University's Women's Assistant Basketball Coach, Bryana Williams. B Better U is "...a development mentoring organization that offers various programs and resources to children, youth and young adults. We are here to motivate, encourage and walk through life with every single one of our "Life Changers" who comes into our organization. We build a family type, safe and positive atmosphere, so that everyone feels welcomed and knows that we are not here temporarily in their life, but for a lifetime!" (Quote taken from B Better U's site).

I will be helping B Better U by possibly being a mentor, tutoring, coaching, working with service projects in the community, helping with after school programs, or a variety of other things. I see this as not just a thing I need to do to graduate but I see it as an opportunity to better myself, better the community, better other people, show God's love, and share my faith through works.
If you would like to know more about B Better U then please visit their site at or their blog at

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Heart of B Better U

Hey B Better U Life Changers,

Welcome to the first official blog for B Better U. I wanted to take the time to really break down where B Better U started to where it is now. This still won't even give you the full picture, but it should give you a better understanding of where this awesome ministry has come from and where it is going. One thing I can say is that this may be a business to many, but to me it is a ministry. Let me share with you why!

B Better U fell on my heart back in 2010. It began as "BBU Sports" where I worked with local basketball players and did skill development training with them. It gave me a chance to mentor them while coach them. Not only to be a better basketball players, but better people. We used their gifts to bring them in, but then we would talk about life, help them make major choices for life, help them register for college, spend time with their family, go to their games and be able to share the Gospel with them when openings allowed us to. We started every workout in prayer and made sure during all workouts we encourage, teach, support, and correct.

As I continued to pray for "BBU Sports", God began to show me a greater and bigger vision for it. I simply began to just pray more, listen and write. Then once He showed me how it would look and be, the first thing I said was God, "how am I suppose to do this"? I was very nervous because I knew this wasn't a vision created by me, it was God's vision, so by no means necessary did I want to mess it up. Then many moments in the process of building I felt inadequate and unworthy to be able to run such an amazing vision because I knew I would be a leader over others lives. I don't take any work for God lightly, but knowing that I was responsible for others lives because of the way He would use me was huge. I knew I had to make sure my walk was strengthening through the Word, prayer, worship and fasting and that I got under mentors and other leaders to keep hold me accountable and check in with me.  As it was being more and more unraveled, I began to realize God chose me for a reason to do this, so I took began to just believe and trust in Him that He would provide and my confidence to do this came from Him. Where I wasn't qualified He made me qualified!

After 2 1/2 years, B Better U went from "BBU Sports" to "B Better U" organization and was officially launched in January 2013. We now have various programs and resources that we offer. I can honestly saying birthing this vision from the ground up has been a very time consuming and challenging process, but I have loved every moment of it. It has stretched me in various ways and has allowed my faith to grow like no other. My dependency on God is a must because doing this ministry full time has been fully operated with Him and by Him. I wake up daily asking Him what He would like to me to do and to order my every step, from meetings, to what people I should meet and work with, to paperwork, even to being on the field working.

I wake up daily excited to push this ministry business further and seeing God move in it. I love seeing the different lives being impacted by it and the relationships I am building because of it. Not a day that goes by that I regret being obedient to God and allowing Him to develop this. I am grateful and humbled to be the servant and the "YES" vessel to operate and lead B Better U. As much as I am used to help make others better, I catch myself getting better daily! I love B Better U; it is my heart because it is Gods heart. As I draw nearer to God, I am able to be re-filled to pour out to others. B Better U is me and I am B Better U!

Thank you for taking time to read this and seeing just a glimpse of my heart and the heart of BBU. I am praying for you all and I look forward to working with more of you Life Changers. Go out and make an impact in this world today. It needs you and you all have a purpose. Find what God has called you to do and step out in faith to do it. Know that You Matter and always remember "Ur Best U, Starts With Ur Better U"!!!

Much Love,

Bry Williams